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Office removals don’t have to mean taking an unwelcome hit to productivity and troublesome upset to your working routine. Best Man and Van offers office removals in Barnes Bridge SW13 with an unwavering focus on overall convenience. Flexible scheduling and streamlined work processes ensure minimal disruption, making your office removal in Barnes Bridge SW13 an easy, hassle-free one.

Our local cleaners are available to take on any size Barnes Bridge SW13 office removal: from a few desks and chairs to large-scale corporate removals. All our drivers and removal men are extensively briefed on your individual removal needs, prepared to execute your Barnes Bridge SW13 office removal in an efficient, timely fashion.

For our Barnes Bridge SW13 office removal clients, we routinely perform Saturday and Sunday services, executing office removals out of working hours in order to let you get on with business. If you’re interested in getting an office removal in Barnes Bridge SW13, we’d be happy to discuss your individual requirements. Barnes Bridge SW13 man and van hire in Barnes Bridge SW13 also affords commercial waste disposal and small and large-scale deliveries at your convenience.

We have 24/7 support staff ready to make your Barnes Bridge SW13 office removal booking, give you a free quotation or help you to find the office removal service that suits you best. Get in touch with us on or use our online form to book your office removal today. Best Man and Van looks forward to hearing from you.

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  • Office Removals Barnes Bridge SW13
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Places of interest in and around Barnes Bridge SW13

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, in Putney in South West London, is an independent medical charity which undertakes research and provides specialist services to meet the needs of people with complex neurological disabilities resulting from damage to the brain or other parts of the nervous system. This damage is often caused by traffic accidents and illnesses. The RHN provides long-term residential care to many of its patients...

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Queen Mary's Hospital

Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton is a hospital in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1915 to provide care for wounded soldiers, it became a world renowned limb fitting and amputee rehabilitation centre. Recently rebuilt and modernized it has become a unit of the Wandsworth Primary Care Trust. It now provides general community services in addition to the special services for which it is famous. It is also the hospital that british actor James Beck was rushed to and died three weeks later...

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The nearest tube station serving SW13 Barnes Bridge is Putney railway station

Barnes Bridge News


It is difficult not to be aware of the fact that there are too many closed shops in the High Street at present and therefore little to interest the casual shopper.  Sadly there are some lovely shops that are surviving – the Treat Garden, Froxy Bee, Bazaar, Les Petits, Presents, the Kitchen...

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TOURISTS IN BARNES I am hoping to make enquiries as to how to encourage more tourists to come to Barnes in the New Year.  This will make our shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants more buoyant.  We have so much to offer and our first opportunity might be The Royal Wedding.  If you are thinking of...

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A NEW SUPERMARKET IN THE HIGH STREET. Plans have been submitted for a mixed retail, residential and office development on the site of the old garages and Claridge House at 27-29 Barnes High Street (Application 10/2112/FUL).  The hearing for this was held at York House on Thursday 6th January....

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HEADCOUNTS to gauge FOOTFALL past our shops. I took 5 minute counts on the hour, every hour, on a Friday and Saturday in early May.  I chose May because it is a very average time for retailing.  Children are at school so not many people are away on holiday.  Weekenders tend to stay put because...

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The BestOf Richmond is facilitating a survey that will help us to better understand residents’ views about our high streets and what people really want.  Businesses, residents, retailers are all invited to complete the 3 minute questionnaire on line, so that we all benefit from the best...

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There is a full page article about Barnes in the June edition of the interiors magazine – LIVINGetc (out now).  It has some lovely illustrations, mentions many of our shops and shows the unique products you can buy here. The EVENING STANDARD had a full TWO page spread last evening (19th...

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Many residents of Barnes have invested an enormous amount of money in their property.  If too many shops close, there will be a domino effect and the shopping areas will become zones of neglect and deprivation.  The heart of Barnes could suffer urban blight and as a result their investment will...

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Local shops emerged in Victorian times and burgeoned from Edwardian times onwards.  The shop keeper rented or owned his shop, stock was kept at the back and the family lived upstairs.  We refer to “the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker” to epitomise this era of shops.  Local...

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“dare to joust” in White Hart Lane, will be hosting weekly sessions of life drawing classes commencing Tuesday May 11th and continuing every Tuesday for 8 weeks. Classes run from 7.30-9.30pm. All levels of experience welcome. Tuition will be provided for those that require it. We...

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In order to distribute these questionnaires I chose roads randomly and houses by systematic sampling methods.  I distributed 250 questionnaires and 56 were returned (22%).  This represented 170 residents. DEMOGRAPHY: In my sample there were 29 families (varying in size from 1 to 4 children!),...

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